Launch Ceremony of “YJ Mercedes 168 Car Incentive Program”

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On May 28, 2017, an array of luxury cars lined up in the yard of Yi Jia International Malaysia Branch Office (Kuala Lumpur), showing a formidable manner. The iconic Mercedes-Benz car logo sparkled in the morning light, showcasing glory and brilliance of a century-old auto brand. This day, Yi Jia International Malaysia Branch Office launched the “YJ Mercedes 168 Car Incentive Program” to reward our excellent business partners.

Early in the morning, the Malaysia Branch Office has been crowded with people fixing their eyes on the dazzling Mercedes-Benz C-, E- and S-Class. In the face of the gorgeous sedans, Yi Jia fellows raced to take pictures with them, racking their brains as how to take home the luxury cars.

The event was inaugurated as Yi Jia International Group CEO Ms. Jiang Bo gave an inspiring speech. At 11:18am, dancing lions began to perform leaps and somersaults as the deafening gongs and drums sounded, pushing the event to a climax. After Ms. Jiang drew eyes of the dancing lions, splendid fireworks soared to the sky, creating a festive and delightful atmosphere.

Hello! Dear all, welcome to the launch event of the “YJ Mercedes 168 Car Incentive Program”. I believe all of you are excited seeing the Mercedes-Benz cars line up in the yard, and I also feel the same. As the Group CEO, I am full of pride picturing you driving the luxury cars to attend the meetings of Yi Jia International and share the joy with your family members.

As the Yi Jia New Era comes, the international markets of Yi Jia International unfolds a new chapter. The Malaysian market is the most shining star among global markets. The group has acknowledged Malaysia as No.1 overseas market, named it as a special zone and gave it special support. The “YJ Mercedes 168 Car Incentive Program” is a reward dedicated for partners in Malaysia. Our goal is to sent out at least 100 Mercedes-Benz cars by the end of November!

Mercedes-Benz advocates “The best or nothing”, which is in line with the business concept of Yi Jia International. We have been seeking the best raw materials and techniques in production over the years; in terms of education and training system, we also seek to equip our partners with the best coaching skills. Today we are giving the best reward to the most excellent Yi Jia fellows!

The new era has come. What are you waiting for, my dear fellows? You will never reach the destination if you never step out for the journey, and your dream will be a fantasy if you never take action to make it come true. Even though you have missed many things in your life, but this opportunity, we will not allow you to miss it. My dear fellows, let’s get started to pursue our dreams from now on, and we will make it come true some day.

At last, I wish you all the best to earn the Mercedes-Benz cars worth up to MYR 630,000. Come on, Malaysia! You are the best!


The Group senior executives unveiled three Mercedes-Benz sedans as expected, marking commencement of the “YJ Mercedes 168 Car Incentive Program”. Then a grand luxury car tour kicked off. The moment when our partners sat on the luxury and comfortable seats, and stepped on the accelerator, they felt hyped-up by the powerful dynamic, indulging themselves in the charm of Mercedes-Benz cars.


Mercedes-Benz advocates “The best or nothing”, which is in line with the concept of pursuing the best by Yi Jia International. Dear partners, let’s step on our own accelerator, striving to remove obstacles ahead and achieve our goals in the Yi Jia New Era.