Spring Speech Delivered by Yi Jia International Founder

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Dear colleagues and family members:

Hello! Year 2016 has almost come to an end. It is a year of struggle, hard work and pursuit of brilliance! It is a year of twists and turns, sadness and happiness; we have harvest and setbacks and lessons. However, we always stick to it no matter how hard it is; we have never thought of giving up no matter how tough it is! When we look back to the year of 2016, we can still declare proudly we have worked for the sake of honour, dreams, responsibility and mission, and we will go all out and achieve great accomplishment in the future! Thanks to you all! I would like to praise you all. You are the best! Yi Jia is very proud of you!

Today, we are sharing the happiness of success and look into our great future. We are going to embrace 2017, and we are going to embrace the new chapter of Yi Jia career and start our second three-year plan of exploiting market overseas. We will enter into Yi Jia 2.0 era. From 2017 to 2019, we are going to have a great transformation within 3 years, update Yi Jia career and lay a solid foundation to become a world-class international company. Our work will mainly focus on 3 operations in Yi Jia 2.0 era:

1.Product operation

To establish consumption model and cultivate loyal clients by the product operation with MAIONE products lineup as the core

2.Project operation

To integrate the resources, expand business rapidly and develop the global market with the model of global E-commence.

3.Capital operation

To be listed in US Nasdaq, establish global profit-sharing platform and lead all Yi Jia people to share capital bonanza.

Dear family members, let’s never forget our initial determination, accomplish the mission successfully and step into 2017 with full passion and belief of victory! As the new year is approaching, I would like to wish all Yi Jia family members a more successful career and a happier family in the new year. And I hope sincerely that all Yi Jia family members join our hearts and hands, look into the great future and usher into a new era that belongs to us from now on!