2017 YJ New Year Party and 2016 Victory Banquet for Outstanding Employees

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December was a season of hopes. Days ended here and started from here. We would take it as the starting point and continue to create another legend. As the spring in Shenzhen was approaching, family members of Yi Jia International from around the world were on their way home with the happiness of harvest and great success. December 30, 2016 was an important date for the family members to get together. In the coming New Year, we would embrace a new journey and create glories together with sweats, wisdom and talents!


The bell of year 2017 was about to ring, time had left a deep trace. All our Yi Jia people would embrace year 2017 of hopes and challenges with confidence and anticipation, after bidding farewell to year 2016 of great success. At the beginning of the banquet, a video clip of YJ staff excited all on the scene. Next, Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting came onto the stage to deliver the opening speech. He thanked all Yi Jia people for the efforts and contribution, praised Yi Jia family members who went all out, did their duties and achieved the accomplishments together in 2016. At the same time, he shared the development planning of Yi Jia career for 2017 with family members with great confidence and looked into our great future together. Not only did Chairman Guo’s passionate speech make us feel the warmth, but also it injected continuous impetuous into the hearts of all Yi Jia people. It was our conviction that under the leadership of Chairman Guo, we were bound to reach the dreams of success on “Yi Jia” aircraft carrier.

In the banquet, colleagues from different departments staged wonderful performance, which was elaborately prepared after work. The performance included dance, beautiful songs or humorous short sketches etc. Everyone tried his best to stage the performance, hoping to bring happiness to the family members on the scene. We were all touched not only by their wonderful performance but also by their selfless contribution beyond their duties. They had interpreted the spiritual connotation of Yi Jia people, namely “be afraid of no hardship and no tiredness”.


Year 2016 was a bumper year for Yi Jia International to strike for brilliance. We had gratifying achievement in Yi Jia career. The glories and miracles cannot be achieved without the efforts and dedication of family members. Therefore, in order to thank and praise family members for the contribution and efforts, the company had set up a series of awards which included “1-Star of Yi Jia Stars”, “2-Star of Yi Jia Stars” and Outstanding Contribution Award etc. The employees who won the awards had displayed loyalty and responsibility with actions and told us the significance and connotation of being masters. They were the role models for all Yi Jia people to follow!

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