Crown Ambassador, Your Name Is a Legend----Yi Jia 1st Overseas Crown Ambassador Coronation & Sharing Banquet

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A legend was born in an era. Lucy / Lim Kup Fah were the superstars who were looked up to by all in the career domain of YJ International. They were as bright as “polestars”, guiding the people with dreams in their hearts to position the direction and goal of life again. They called on people to forge ahead and never step back. “Believing is the starting point and persistence is the destination”. Now their names had entered the head page of YJ history. YJ 1st overseas Crown Ambassadors achieved accomplishments with actions and created the future with perseverance!


Grand Finale at the End of the Year

The grand finale of YJ International for the year was held ceremoniously in the International Hall of Taichung Qiaoyuan Restaurant on December 19, 2016. “Success belongs to people who never stop their footsteps.” As YJ 1st overseas Crown Ambassadors, Lucy / Lim Kup Fah always believed that “Following the right person and doing the right thing will lead to your success and change the fate of yourself and your families.” They adhered to the belief , never swayed and followed the footsteps of Chairman Guo. They had been implementing the corporate mission of “To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love” as both the fighters in the frontline of the market and the strong supporters for global business partners.


After all, hope would only remain abstract characters without the proof and practice. Crown Ambassadors, Lucy / Lim Kup Fah visualized the noun and helped all global business partners who chose YJ International to start an eternal trip towards success of life bravely with hope and perseverance.


Exert All Strength to Create Miracles

At the banquet, Crown Ambassadors, Lucy / Lim Kup Fah had moved all global business partners present deeply by the career blueprint they planned and the brilliant leadership image with the outstanding charm and charisma. In addition, all the leaders whose ranks were above Ruby had come to the site to witness the ceremony, and Diamond Sonia, Diamond Chen Hong Chang, Emerald Ye Jin Hong, Emerald Cai Xue Er, Ruby Chen Zhi Hong, Ruby Hong San Teng and Ruby Qiu Huai Yi all came onto the stage one by one to talk about the philosophy and future prospects in operating YJ career with global business partners. The attendees all said that the journey had not been made in vain.



Though it was bitterly cold outside, the attendees were very active to place the orders with the strong inspiration from the leaders. It would help YJ International Taiwan to achieve more business performance.