Beyond the Peak Continuously and Embrace YJ Era——2nd Taiwan Competition Awards Ceremony & Elites Exchange Meeting

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It was late autumn and it was getting cooler. The elites from YJ International were full of passion and ambition, which reflected the influence of 2nd Taiwan Competition Ceremony & Elites Exchange Meeting. They went all out and fought for their dreams, and thus they had achieved great marketing performance in Taiwan market. It was a 5-week intense competition with amazing success and it had completely new appraisal of the industry.



Create excellent business performance

“The success will be achieved with patience”. On November 27, 2016, all YJ heroes who held on straight to the end and did not give up easily converged in the Asia Hall of International Conference Centre of Wagor High School to share their success in business performance. On the scene that day, YJ International had planned “Competition, Punching in and Likes”, invited the audience present to take pictures with the photo frame of Competition and posted the pictures on fan pages of Facebook. It had triggered intense discussion and participation, with its aim of promoting YJ charity career and the beauty of MAIONE products lineup all cross Taiwan and the world.


The conference had witnessed that countless dreamers had become practitioners on this platform. They had changed their fate with perseverance and hard efforts; in the meantime, they had found lifetime career in YJ International, followed the footsteps of Chairman Guo and executed the idea of “To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation”. In addition, the company had arranged the awards presentation for different honorary ranks, such as newly-promoted Crystal, newly-promoted Pearl, newly-promoted Sapphire and newly-promoted Emerald etc. It showed that “there is no perfect individual; but a perfect team” and illustrated that the inspiration of extraordinary leaders had benefited the growth of YJ team and business performance.


Elites Interview and Competition

The 2nd Taiwan Competition Ceremony was more fantastic that ever and Miss Gu Jie, The queen of plastic surgery” was invited to share her stories with MAIONE products lineup with the audience on the scene. After years of all kinds of plastic surgeries, she was very touched by the miracles of MAIONE products lineup and became the most loyal fan and user of MAIONE products lineup.


Another highlight of the ceremony was the elites interview of Diamond (Chen Hong Chang), Emerald (Ye Jin Hong and Cai Xue Er) and Ruby (Hong San Teng and Qiu Huai Yi). 5 extraordinary leaders imparted their personal methods to success step by step to the audience, with nothing hidden. They said that the way to success was via simple duplication, namely to listen and follow suit. Thus they had achieved the life envied by everyone. The guests on site said that they had gained a lot in it and the trip had not been made in vain.


Inspiring the new talents

“The actions are the ladders to success. The more actions you take, the higher you will climb.” We are now inviting YJ elites to join the 3rd Taiwan Competition Ceremony. The last 2 Competition Ceremonies had witnessed great success and they had set good examples. It will provide guidance and invite those who have dreams and want to get them realized to stand on the shoulders of giants to see the future of dreams.