1st Fantastic Journey to Hawaii of Yi Jia International North America

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In October 2016, it was a time with sunlight and breeze. On this day full of happiness of success, Yi Jia International North America had started its 1st Fantastic Journey to Hawaii. From October 21 to October 25, 2016, around 200 Yi Jiafamily members from different countries had set foot in Hawaii which boasted of the reputation of “holiday paradise” and enjoyed the journey of dreams and romance.


Though Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting could not joined the trip personally, he was thinking of Yi Jia partners all the time and expressed his gratitude and recognition in Shenzhen to the business partners for their hard work and dedication. In addition, he hoped all could have a good time in Hawaii.

Dear partners! Welcome to Hawaii. First of all, I would like to thank you for your trust and continuous hard work! At the same time, I want to praise you for your dedication and perseverance in Yi Jiacareer! It is under the leadership of the elites present here today and the concerted efforts of all business partners from North America that lead to the glory and great business performance in North America market. I want to thank you and praise you once again! You are the best! You are the heroes of Yi Jia! I love you all! The company has arranged this fantastic journey to Hawaii for you to enjoy the happy hours and the special privileges. Lastly, I sincerely hope that all Yi Jia people could make persistent efforts, advance bravely, and help more business partners to realize dreams and have a good life. Yi Jia International creates miracles; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love!


In order to thank the partners who worked dedicatedly, the company had specially prepared wonderful plans for the trip. Upon the arrival of family members, the local receptionists presented bouquets for them. The great hospitality and warm reception filled the business partners with comfort and happiness. The business partners stayed in the famous Hilton Hawaiian Village since day one, and the company had specially prepared the welcome note and all kinds of pretty presents for them. Although the partners were traveling abroad, they could feel the warmth of home. The family members felt joyous and moved at the very beginning of the trip.


Hawaii, the most beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean, was just like a fleet berthing in the ocean. It was very fascinating and charming and one could relax completely on the island. It was like spring all year round, with bright sunlight and blue sky. The fresh sea breeze made the business partners energetic and the aborigines performed the songs and dances. It made all release the passion and be part of it. The family members strolled on the beach leisurely, stood on the white and soft sand in the sunlight and were absorbed in the immense beauty in it; played in the clean and blue water and watched the fish swam in the beautiful corals. All these attracted the partners and all appreciated the beautiful sceneries to the fullest.


The short but romantic four-night and five-day trip to Hawaii ended perfectly. Our partners bid farewell to the beautiful Hawaii, but this wonderful fairyland would be on our mind forever. “No pains no gains”. Full efforts and dedication led to great success and achievements. This wonderful trip to Hawaii has been encouraging our family members to make continuous efforts for Yi Jia career. We are looking forward to achieving greater accomplishments in the future!