Taiwan Competition Awards Ceremony and Elites Exchange Meeting

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In October 2016, Yi Jia International Taiwan called on heroes to attend the exciting Taiwan Competition Awards Ceremony to be held grandly. It was a great moment for Taiwan market. About 600 business partners converged on the platform of dreams and exerted themselves to the utmost to compete for the championship. During the two-month competition, a large pool of elites and talents stood out in the teams and they got enormous orders in the branch offices of northern, central and southern Taiwan. All were in highly competitive mood and they became braver in the competition.


On October 23, 2016, the unremitting efforts of business partners had been rewarded with great moments in their lives. On that extraordinary day, Yi Jia International held Taiwan Competition Awards Ceremony and Elites Exchange Meeting in E-DA Royal Theater. Outside the magnificent building, Yi Jia’s flag was flying in the blue sky; inside the grand hall, all elites in high spirits gathered together to welcome the Yi Jia fighters coming back with success to share the happiness of success.

As a great platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams, Yi Jia International has helped lots of business partners to realize their dreams and values of life. That very day, partners from primary ranks to high ranks came onto the stage one after another to receive the recognition of the company management. From the awards of Inspiring Talent, Direct-sponsoring 1-star Member, Direct-sponsoring 2-star Member, Crystal & Pearl Development to the awards of Newly Promoted Crystal, Pearl and Sapphire, every award represented the attention and recognition given by company to the elites of different ranks. “There is no perfect individual, but a perfect team”. It was the team leaders’ selfless dedication and leadership that led to the achievements of team members in the Taiwan market today. It was the hard work of every business partner that contributed to the glory of Taiwan market today,


When the partners came onto the stage to share their secrets of success and experience, all were grateful and touched on the scene. Everyone felt lucky and proud of the decision to choose Yi Jia International as their career platform because their fate had been changed due to their choices years ago. All were shouting “Yi Jia International creates miracles” loudly and passionately. That day, the spirit of Yi Jia International was shown clearly in the global business partners of Taiwan.


When the lights of the assembly room were turned off and the attenders were gone, the flames of dreams at the hearts of family members were getting fiercer because the successful examples of the business partners had offered them hope and impetus to go ahead. We believe that there will be brightness as long as there are dreams. As long as we stick to the beliefs in our hearts, we are bound to succeed!