Set Sail with Love——Yi Jia International Canada Opening Ceremony

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On September 24, 2016, the opening ceremony of Yi Jia International Canada was held in Fairmont Pacific Rim. That afternoon, wonderful music was on in the conference room. The business partners of Yi Jia International Canada, the global Yi Jia people and the esteemed guests stepped on the red carpet with elegant and calm pace. They were attending a grand meeting of Yi Jia International with a big smile on their faces. The opening ceremony of Yi Jia International Canada was kicked off with fantastic music, the continuous laughers of Yi Jia people in the toasting of Bluti Blueberry Super Drink.


The opening ceremony was mixed with culture of the east and the west. After the elegant classical music was performed, the amazing lion dance of Chinese style was put on. When the drum was beaten, the dancing lion was galloping, jumping and looping. It showed the strong spirit of Yi Jia people. Amidst the cheering, Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting, provincial senator, Mr. Lee and the distinguished guests presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which symbolized the new chapter Yi Jia International Cannada had opened!


Yi Jia International’s original intention was based on love. At the honorable moment of starting up business in Canada, Yi Jia International never forgot charity and would like to return back to the Canadian people who had offer support to it. Chairman Guo handed over the donation check of C$ 20,000 to the representative of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation, witnessed by Senator Lee. It symbolized that global Yi Jia people spread love and Yi Jia charity career started to take root in Canada as well. During the meeting, the representative of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation expressed his admiration for Chairman Guo and global Yi Jia people of starting-up business and charity spirit, and at the same time, he expressed sincere gratitude to them.


Next, Chairman Guo come onto the stage and delivered a keynote speech amidst a big round of applause:

Our opening ceremony is being held today and I am very excited now. I hope our Canada Branch Office could offer great service and support to all the business partners in Canada, so that they will have a warm family and a solid career platform. It is my expectation, my demand and my promise on behalf of Yi Jia International. Since we have come to Canada, we have to take roots here. It is not only an opportunity for us in Canada, but also it is a responsibility for us. We should never fail to live up to the expectations and trust of all, thus we have to strive to be the best in Canadian market. We not only bring youth, beauty, confidence and life of good quality to our friends, clients and business partners, but also provide our partners a good opportunity to start up business. We are going to set up 3 big brands here in Canada.

The first brand is our product brand and second brand is our career brand. The platform of starting up business we provide is also a very good career platform for an individual. Meanwhile, we have to build the third platform, and that is charity platform. It is also the gift I bring to Canada Branch Office at the opening ceremony. Now I am declaring that from September 24, 2016, Canada Branch Office will donate C$ 1 for local charity from the sale of every bottle of MAIONE Youth Original Essence. At the same time, we will use 10% of all our profit in Canada as the fund for charity in Canada. This is the original intention of Yi Jia International, and it is also the promise when I first set up my company. Thus, we have to bear in mind our original intention and our promise. We will join hands with all business partners in Canada to create a new situation in Canada and create a promising future here together.


The opening ceremony of Yi Jia International Canada has launched the strategic deployment for North American market comprehensively. It is a great step forward. We will expand the business of our company further and achieve double growth in North American market with the concerted efforts of all global business partners in Canada! Dear family members, let’s hope that Yi Jia International Canada will achieve great accomplishments here with Yi Jia people of motivation.