Dazzling Stars Shining All over the World——Yi Jia International Shined in 2016 Asia-Pacific Direct Sales Summit

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September of 2016 had been endowed with different meaning. It carried big dreams, bright halo and fragrance of fruits. The 1st Asia-Pacific Direct Sales Summit was held in Taiwan International Convention Center, TAITRA in September 5 grandly. It was directed by Taiwan Fair Trade Commission, sponsored by Taiwan Multi-level Marketing Commercial Association, co-organized by Business Administration Department of National Taipei University of Business, and prepared by Power Networking Monthly of Brainet Group. It was an advanced platform for the leading authorities of the industry, political and business dignitaries, experts and media; it was a harbor to accumulate the power of charity and spread the spirit of love. It was a stage of dreams to honor the outstanding enterprises. It was also a grand gathering of new ideas and great wisdom.

The summit had been divided into 3 parts: Delivering Love and Charity Marketing Forum, Asia-Pacific Direct Sales Summit and Delivering Love & Gratitude Dinner. Different parts had displayed the new trends of the industry harmoniously, building a bridge of communication for leaders of different countries and promoting the development of direct sales in Asia Pacific Region.

Delivering Love and Charity Marketing Forum

The theme of the summit is “Delivering Love and Harmonious Impetus”. It is hoped that the charity committee members of Commercial Association could spread the spirit of love, so that the direct sales career and all its subordinate charitable organizations would help the people in need and boost the harmony of the society.


During the summit, Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting was invited to deliver a wonderful speech about charity and public benefit on the stage. Chairman Guo then shared his ideas on charity with the audiences on site with his breadth of mind and special vision.

Throughout the development history of direct selling business in the world, the survival rate of the enterprises is very low. The lifespan of many enterprises is very transient. The most important reason for this phenomenon is that the enterprises do not have any roots, I think. The sense of responsibility and mission are the roots and souls of the company and only companies with responsibility and mission can have a lasting development. I have been emphasizing that the companies have to engage in beneficence. Engaging in beneficence is mainly displayed in 3 aspects as follows:

Firstly, the company has to be responsible for the employees. Not only do we have to provide employment to the employees now, but also we have to equip them with the ability to survive and develop further. Therefore, all these years, our company has set up a system akin to internal incubator, cultivating lots of excellent staff. Only through improving the quality of our management and service personnel can we better serve the society and our business partners. Meanwhile, we can fight for the reputation of the industry, so that the mainstream in the society with misunderstanding and negative opinions on our industry could look at our industry with new eyes.

Secondly, we have to be responsible for our business partners. The company has injected enormous educational fund on the training. Since we entered the Taiwan market two years ago, we have injected more than NTD 100 million, which surpasses our profit here in Taiwan. Our aim is to train the partners well, because we think our business partners will only be accepted by the mainstream and get the comprehensive and positive opinions from them on condition that our business partners are grateful, responsible, self-loving, self-disciplined and self-improved.

Thirdly, we have to be responsible for the society. Since the inception of our company, we have uphold the attitude of “taking from the community and returning back to the society” , leaving 10% of the profit to the country for public good and charity and passing love to the people of different countries.

The insightful speech of Chairman Guo had won thunderous applause from the audience. All had been moved by the sentiment and sense of mission of the great leader. Then, Chairman Guo and the leaders launched the ceremony of delivering love, unleashing a new chapter of charity for the industry, endowing the soul of love for the industry, creating a pure land for the industry and wining the respect and honor from the society for the partners. More importantly, our love would converge, burst out with great power and deliver warmth to many people.

Asia-Pacific Direct Sales Summit

The name of Yi Jia International was written into the annals of the industry’s history forever that day. The whole world would remember the glorious achievements of Yi Jia International that day; the people of direct sales would remember the glory of global business partners of Yi Jiathat day. The unremitting endeavor of Yi Jia International all these years had got the recognition from the society and won the admiration and honor of the industry.

On the palace of dreams in the Asia-Pacific Direct Sales Summit, Yi Jia International had stood out with great strength and won lots of awards. Our company was awarded with “Asia Pacific Highest Growth Potential Multilevel Marketing Company Award” and our brand MAIONE was awarded with “Asia Pacific Outstanding Brand Award”. In addition, many of our global business partners and team leaders had been awarded with “Asia Pacific Outstanding Distributor Award (Silver)” and “Asia Pacific Outstanding Distributor Award (Gold)”. At that moment, the glory of medals and the charm of Yi Jiaelites intertwined with each other, forming a memory we were proud of! The cheering of “Yi Jia International Creates Miracles!” was heard again and again, showcasing the excitement of Yi Jiapeople.

That day, we had to tell the whole world our self-respect, confidence and self-improvement with loud and sonorous voice; we would prove the potential, strength and charm of our Yi Jiacareer with outstanding and shining achievement!








Delivering Love & Gratitude Dinner.

Lastly, all the participators of the summit celebrated the grand occasion in the dinner with gratitude and discussed the pending future of the industry. 2016 Asia-Pacific Direct Sales Summit came to an end with laughter and happiness. Deep down in the hearts, all made an appointment to get together in the summit next year. We had every reason to believe that the summit next year would be more amazing with the smooth communication and mutual encouragement!

Today, Yi Jia International has won the honor and respect; tomorrow, we will achieve greater accomplishments with greater passion and enthusiasm, creating more victories!