Don’t Forget Your Initiative and Take Roots in Canada for Love—— Canada Zhongqiao Foundation’s Exclusive Interview with YJ International Founder Mr. George Guo Bing Ting

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On September 24, Yi Jia International Canada had a grand opening ceremony in Vancouver. That day, under the leadership of Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting, a group of Yi Jia people with missions had their dreams fly in Canada. More importantly, the core value of Yi Jia , the seeds of love was spread on this beautiful land in the journey of dreams.

That day, Canada Zhongqiao Foundation that got the donation from Yi Jia International had an exclusive interview with Chairman Guo. Canada Zhongqiao Foundation was a non-profit organization focusing on diversified services in the community and the service for family, females, teenagers and the elderly, so as to help the immigrants to adapt to the life in Canada and improve their life. The detailed exclusive interview is shown as follows:


Zhongqiao Foundation: What is the aim of your company? Why does returning back to the society means so much to you?

Chairman Guo: When I started up my business, I wanted to create a platform to help lots of people to start up their business and achieve personal growth; at the same time, I wanted to lead them to contribute to the charity and return back to the society. This was my original intention of setting up my company. That is what I call “Fa Bu Shi” and “Cai Bu Shi”. “Fa Bu Shi” means to help others master the correct methods and provide them the opportunity to develop the career and start up business. After they earn the money, they will donate the money to the needy and help those in distress and aid those in peril. This is what is called “Cai Bu Shi”.

Zhongqiao Foundation: Your company pays great attention to education, poverty relief and public welfare,.What draws your interest in these 3 aspects?

Chairman Guo: The financial resources of our company are very limited. If we want to do well in charity, we have to think how to do it well with those limited financial resources. Our charity is mainly on the growth and education of kids because we hope people could have a radical change through education. In recent years, we have focused on other aspects of charity. For instance, we cooperated with Sian Chay Medical Institution in Singapore, funded the medical care for the elderly who were poor, and donated SGD 300 thousand to help 30 thousand old people in medical care; in addition, we have a project with Lion Club and we have set up Yi Jia International Lion Club in Taiwan and other regions. Therefore, we are carrying out our charity career in these 3 aspects recently.

Zhongqiao Foundation: What do the charity activities mean to you and what is your felling of them?

Chairman Guo:For me personally, the greatest meaning is “Don't forget your initiative, you'll achieve your goals.” In this process, we are very happy with either “Fa Bu Shi” or “Cai Bu Shi”. I enjoy this process very much because it makes my life more meaningful and more valuable.

Zhongqiao Foundation: What has moved you in the past?

Chairman Guo:All these years, there are lots of unforgettable experiences for me. If I have to answer this question, I think, the most memorable experience is when we were on the way to donate goods and materials in the mountains. The road was rugged and rough, and the weather was bad. It snowed heavily on the road. The car broke down all of a sudden and it started to run down from half the mountain. All were screaming and it was cliff below. The driver asked all of us to get off in a hurry. I told them:” We are all kind hearted person and we are doing good deeds. God is watching us. Give cake and ale to perfect soul. We are going to be fine.” And then all of us went to get the branches of the trees and put them under the car. After that, we pull together to push the car. At that time, we could not get any help there because our cellphones could not get any signals. I asked my assistant to ask for help in the place who there was signal but more than 10 kilometers away. Later, the rescue car drove in. That was the most impressive moment. We have been committed to charity career for many years, and we stick to the principle of “money, people and warmth” all the time. We want to help not only by donating money and materials, but also we want to bring warmth to them.


Zhongqiao Foundation: What is your expectation of the company in the future? Have you got any plans to expand your business into other cities of Canada?

Chairman Guo: Since we have come to Canada, we have to be responsible for it and responsible for the friends and clients who trust us. Therefore, we have to work hard and operate the business well, so that our staff and business partners could have a guaranteed income and a chance to grow and improve themselves. At the same time, we have to return back to the society. Thus, we will donate C$ 1 for local charity from the sale of every bottle of MAIONE Youth Original Essence. Maybe our power is limited now, but we will have more power to contribute to the charity when our business is getting better and better and we gather more wealth and power. Therefore, promoting our marketing and charity goes hand in hand. Our business will take roots here and will have sustainable operation in Canada.

Zhongqiao Foundation: Do you have any requirements for the staff? Compared with the staff back in China, do you have any special requirements for the staff here in Canada?

Chairman Guo: I have the same requirements for staff in different countries. They cannot forget the mission and responsibility of our company, and they have to work with love and gratitude. The reason we can operate our business here is that the Canadian government and society have provided us with a good environment and our business partners selling our products have supported us. Thus, we have to cherish it. You will work diligently when you understand how to cherish and how to be grateful. This is the expectation I have of all staff. Because we are a family, I hope all could not only have a chance of employment, but also we can achieve growth in wealth and spirit and feel the great meaning of working here at the bottom of our hearts.  

Zhongqiao Foundation: Since the culture of China is quite different from that of Canada, what kind of advantage you think you can get to develop your career in Canada?

Chairman Guo:In fact, no matter where we are going to develop our business, we want to get it localized. Many of our staffs are local people, and we try our best to get accustomed to the local culture, so as to take roots and provide good service.


Zhongqiao Foundation: We all know that Yi Jia has many different kinds of products, including beauty products and finance products. So is it possible that the company will bring them here in Vancouver?

Chairman Guo:Of course. We have a global e-commerce plan and we will implement it here in Canada. Except the self-developed products now, we will develop more products and will manufacture them there. For instance, we have localized our products in USA, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We have to establish our career platform whereby business partners and clients are satisfied and do more things. Our products include beauty products and skin care products, and our next step is to develop skin care products. We are going to get it implemented recently and localize our products here in Canada.

Zhongqiao Foundation: At present, the products in your company are mainly operated with the females, so how are you going to help men to realize their dreams?

Chairman Guo:We have hired some professionals to design some schemes for us, and to discuss how to operate our business here in Canada. When we come here, we have to study the culture here and the needs of all races so as to provide the very products and services they need. It needs a process. However, we are in no fear of the long distance as long as the direction is right. We have to focus on our business step by step. We have to make a long-termed plan and should not care about the transient profit.

Zhongqiao Foundation: why are you so interested in making donations to Zhongqiao Foundation, especially helping the immigrants to get accustomed to the life in Canada?

Chairman Guo: When our business enters into a certain country, we will carry out marketing and charity plans. It is the same with Canada. When we are choosing our projects, we have found out that we have a lot in common in values. For instance, Zhongqiao Foundation is non-profit organization and we make no profit in charity career. We quite agree on it. Secondly, Zhongqiao Foundation has helped lots of immigrants to get accustomed to the life in Canada and have a good life here. In our opinion, it is very worthwhile. Thirdly, Zhongqiao Foundation is a good example for us to follow. Since we have come to Canada, we should learn how to adapt to the life here. Zhongqiao Foundation gets lots of experience in this aspect and is able to provide us some guidance and help in the future. That is the reason why we choose Zhongqiao Foundation. The career Zhongqiao Foundation is engaging in is worth of our respect and we look forward to more comprehensive cooperation in the future.