Yi Jia International 11th Anniversary Global Celebration and Taiwan Market Awards Presentation

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On March 28, Yi Jia International hosted the 11th Anniversary Global Celebration and Taiwan Market Awards Presentation in “The Grand Hotel”, attracting more than 1000 distributors from markets of different regions. The Taiwan branch has been set up for more than six months only, and dozens of senior distributors have been entitled to awards. The sharing of their success was the inspiring highlight of the event.

Yi Jia International was founded on March 24, 2004. It owns its R&D center: including the extraction center, test laboratory, and scientific research team. Its branch offices were set up in Shenzhen, Thailand, Singapore, HK, the USA and Indonesia; with MAIONE brand (MAIONE Youth Original Essence and MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum) selling in more than 20 countries and having lots of consumers. During these 11 years, it sets new records continually and becomes the worlds’ top anti-aging brand.

In September last year, Yi Jia International has entered the Taiwan market, providing the comprehensive educational training system and firm career platform. It has brought new entrepreneurial opportunities, and helped lots of people to realize their dreams and fulfill colorful life.

During the Awards Presentation, 60 Crystal distributors, 33 Pearl distributors, 11 Sapphire distributors, 6 Ruby distributors and 1 Emerald distributor received their awards. Some of them are couples, mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, even grandparents and grandchildren. It showed the infinite possibilities of Yi Jia career. When they were sharing their success, they signified that the ordinary people could be in an extraordinary path as long as the direction is correct.

Yi Jia International also shoulders its social responsibilities after its career becomes successful. During the meeting, it has generously donated 1 million NTD to Taiwan Charity Foundation founded by Taiwan Association of Multi-Level Marketing. Its advisor Li Lizhong received the check on behalf of the foundation.

In addition, the famous host, Mickey Huang designated by the organizer has won rounds of applause with his good sense of humor. Besides, lots of wonderful performances featuring Taiwan’s spirit have been presented during the event. Lastly, the founder, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting delivered a speech on the stage. He said that choosing Taiwan as the first stop for Yi Jia ’s 11th Anniversary Global Celebration lay in the special feelings and expectation for Taiwan market. He hoped the distributors in Taiwan will inspire the partners with mission, supervise themselves with responsibilities, become the role model for the global markets and help more people to achieve the colorful life with reciprocal intentions and good humanity spirit.

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