American New Era TV interview with Mr. George Guo - Founder of Yi Jia International

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American New Era TV conducted an interview with the founder cum chairman of Yi Jia International, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting on October 15, 2014.

Yi Jia International was founded in year 2004, its excellent product and service, simple and effective operation system as well as the utmost perfect educational and training system have helped numerous partners to improve lives, realise dreams and create a lot of miracles. The founder cum chairman of Yi Jia International, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting believes that, “embarking on international market to compete with the world’s leading companies is mandatory to turn itself as a world’s leading company”.

“Yi Jia International should be positioned as an all-rounder international corporation. Besides, exploring international market, we shall take full advantage of the expertise, technology and management experience from the developed countries.”

USA market is undoubtedly the most attractive market in the world. “USA market is especially meaningful to Yi Jia (abbreviation of Yi Jia International) because: 1. We wish to prove that there is world class company in China. 2. USA which dominates the global financial market provides us the space for growth. We constantly grow by recognising our shortcoming and learning from others while competing with world’s leading companies. 3. We want to thrive and grow steadily in USA, we will lead all Yi Jia members around the world to gain victory in USA, and become the winner of the world!

The following is the interview between American New Era TV and the founder cum chairman of Yi Jia International, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting:

Host: What was the business opportunity that has driven you to found Yi Jia International? Why did you choose direct selling as your business model? As I know, MAIONE brand of Yi Jia enjoys great popularity among USA consumers, could you introduce to us?

Mr. George Guo: Business model is undoubtedly very essential for the profit and survival of a company. We have chosen the “anti-aging” industry which was a very prospective industry by that time, and it has now being proven as a right path. Beauty is the instinctual pursuit for every individual, but youth and external beauty do not last forever. We wish to erase away the years and retain youth. Hence, Yi Jia has always aspired to position “MAIONE” product series as the core, to develop the world’s Number 1 “anti-aging” brand; besides to retain beauty, we help people to realise their dream and succeed an extraordinary life.

After years of research, our research and development team has innovated the unique MAIONE “peptide technology”, thus solving the absorption difficulty of macromolecular collagen and unleashed a new era of human “controlled domain of cell decay”.

The advantages of our products include: 1. Safe and effective. Safety is a prerequisite for facial skin care products. The safety and effectiveness of MAIONE product series have been certified via testing by various international authorities. 2. Simple and convenient. MAIONE product series is very simple, it does not require concept guidance and convenient to use anytime, anywhere. 3. Wide range of markets. Suitable for use of male, female, old and young; good to use daily, anytime, for entire body, large volume of repeat sales. These characteristics are suitable for direct selling business model. Convenient and simple product enable distributors to quick start and dominate the market. The simplicity and convenience have made the promotion task more efficient. Its wide range of markets enable everyone to obtain the spray of beauty, wealth and wonderful life! Thus, MAIONE brand and direct selling are a perfect match. The success of Yi Jia career has even been concluded as: Success = Repeating the simple say’s and the simple do’s!

Host: I knew that you have been successful and enjoying a comfortable life with your family before founded Yi Jia. Why did you found Yi Jia and what is your mission?

Mr. George Guo:This is a good question!

We must figure out the purpose before we kick start everything. “Why am I doing?” is accounted for 99%, “How to do?” is only accounted for 1%. “Why” is about the direction and belief; while “How” is just about the method and technique. Before founding Yi Jia, I have been considering the type of company which I’m going to found, purpose of founding the company and nature of business.

I’m a scholar who is heavily influenced by China’s traditional cultural value. The pursuit of spirituality means more important than pursuit of material wealth to me. I have been living comfortably after running my business for years. Why did I let go my comfortable life and kick start with entrepreneurship? Why founded Yi Jia? This was because of the dream living in my heart -- I was committed in creating such a platform: to help and support those who are ambitious to succeed and realise their dreams and life values, thus changing their destinies and possessing blissful life regardless of their conditions, experiences and methods! This is my initial intention to found Yi Jia , and also my ultimate goal. I’ll dedicate myself throughout my lifetime to strive after the dream, belief and goal!

I have divided our planning for the second decade into two phases. At the first phase (year 2014 - 2016), we want to complete three tasks and one of them is to be listed in Hong Kong. Our advisory team (lawyers and finance) enquired me the purpose of listing. There are two reasons, first is to transfer our employees and business partners (distributors) to become corporate shareholders, a small scale business belongs to me alone, but a large scale company belongs to everyone and the society. Secondly, for the sustainability of the company which drives long term growth. After my retirement in years later, my company will still continue to grow and gain great reputation as well as respect from the society. This is my goal and also the reason for listing. I always tell my colleagues that: no matter how rich we are, we could only sleep on a bed at a night, sit on a car for each ride and consume limited portion for each meal. The pursuit of material is limited, but the pursuit of spirituality is infinite, we should contribute to the world.

As the story of Achilles mentioned in my article entitled “I have a dream”, before the ancient Greek God of War, Achilles set off for Troy, he asked his mother whether he should leave. His mother answered: “Child, you may stay, and then marry to a pretty wife, have some cute children, live a happy life, you will eventually get old and die, many years later, nobody will remember you. If you go to Troy, I’ll lose a son, but many years later, people will always remember an era of Achilles!” Finally, Achilles went to Troy and died in the war. 3000 years later, people no longer remember the numbers of kings and their names, but everyone knows that it was the age of heroes, and the era belonged to Achilles.

Host: Yeah, he is a historical figure!

Mr. George Guo: Yes, our contribution shall remain in the world, for our next generation. The most precious inheritance which could be inherited forever by our family and future generation is spiritual wealth but not material wealth.

Host: Is this the inheritance of China’s traditional cultural values as you mentioned?

Mr. George Guo: Right. The China’s traditional cultural values have a great impact on me. Being contributive, ethical and insightful is the highest state of life practice. We must first commit to accomplishment, for example: to become the most influential company, a listed company shall take responsibility of its profit, turnover and market share. Next, fostering high ethical behaviour. We shall always help others to gain gratitude and respect. Lastly, what did I mean by insightful? We must keep the precious spiritual wealth which will constantly benefit and influence the future generations. I’m strengthening my learning, practice and growth towards this goal.

Host:You have a great mission.

Mr. George Guo:Yeah, I’m always committed to my mission.

Host: Is this the reason which facilitates the rapid growth and establishment of over 20 subsidiaries of Yi Jia International around the world in just ten years?

Mr. George Guo: Though the number of subsidiaries and turnover are important for a company, the standard resides in my heart is “the number of people we could help”. We have improved the lives of our distributors by training them to generate better income. At the same time, we also trained our employees.

I always mention our “three responsibilities”. The first one is the responsibility towards employees. In additional to ensure their current livelihood, we provide the opportunities of survival, growth and development for them, so that they can constantly improve themselves and master the survival skills to thrive in the future. Secondly, we must be responsible to our distributors. Product quality assurance is our preliminary task and we are holding into every promise made to the distributors. We provide them the opportunity to obtain wealth and personal growth. Our company has continuously invested in the training for distributors to enhance their professional skills and practical ability in additional to the comprehensive improvement in personal quality. The third responsibility is built on the basis of the previous two, which is to take responsibility for the local state and society. Besides providing employment opportunities, helping a lot of people to join entrepreneurship, paying tax to local state and society, we also contribute part of our profits for the charity and public welfare. We provide monetary, physical and moral support to help the needy. This is our desired “home with love” which shelters every soul and lightens their future!

Love has no status distinction, it is kind of willingness comes from the bottom of our heart. This is the attitude to spread love to a wider group, and inspire more people to join our career with love. Besides a blissful life, we have strong desire for a life with dignity!

This truly portrays the mission of our company “To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love”. First of all, we must succeed ourselves to proof the potential of this business and inspire others. By helping more people to gain success, we will achieve higher accomplishment, and passing down a legacy of love. “Always standing together with love”, we are engaged in a career with love. Distribution of most the items (such as money) will cause reduction in everyone’s gain when the recipients increase; however there is only love which increases everyone’s gain when the recipients increase.

Host:It’s amazing! I wish to applaud you for the greatness.

Mr. George Guo: “Always standing together with love”, we help and get along with others because of love, thus we can always stand together. Our Yi Jia career is not about selling product, NO! What are we doing? For Beauty! And For Love!

There was once when an American friend asked me: “What is the meaning of Yi Jia (abbreviation of Yi Jia )?” I answered: “Why join us? For Success and for Dream! The most important is for LOVE!”

Host:Yeah, that’s the big LOVE!

Mr. George Guo: Yes, for beauty, for youth; for success, for dream, but the most important is for LOVE!

Host: This a great love, and even a responsibility towards the society?

Mr. George Guo: This is the selfless love. We are not promoting products, but to put ourselves in someone else’s place, we bring them confidence and beauty in a convenient way, helping them to save the money for plastic surgery. Our products and business model help to start your own business, realise your dream, bring you wealth and rapid success!” We do not promote for sales but for love, love is the best method and technique.

Host: Right, this is a higher and more intensive level!

Mr. George Guo:We are engaged in a career with love and spreading love to the society. Besides enjoying our own blissful life, we also gain others’ respect and gratitude, thus we live with dignity!

Host: This is wonderful!