China Businessman Donated 20 Thousands Orphanage Set Up Reading Corner

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Orphanage Set Up Reading Corner


PUCHONG: There is no boundaries in helping the needy group. China entrepreneur, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting delivered love by donating RM20,000 to Rumah Shalom Orphanage to set up a reading corner!

Under the arrangement of the advisor of Rumah Shalom, Dr. Gao Cheong Wai, chairman of Yi Jia International, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting visited the orphanage. After the orphanage’s director, Pastor Arul reflected on the difficulties of the orphanage, Mr. George Guo promised to donate RM20,000 and to provide more assistance when necessary in the future.

After visiting the orphanage as arranged by the group’s vice president cum CEO, Mr. Steven Tiong Meng Jinn, Mr. Guo had a close interaction with the 23 orphans of the orphanage, and celebrated birthday with the birthday kids of the day, it was a warm and happy evening.

Expansion of public welfare


Mr. Guo said that charitable contribution should include the support in term of physical, mental and monetary, in additional to paying a visit, it is necessary to build a close relationship with the needy group, help them and concern about their growth and education.

He pointed out that Rumah Shalom Orphanage serves as the starting point of their charity drive in Malaysia, they will expand to more communities later on.

“There are many things in the world (such as money) which reduces everyone’s gain when the recipients increase; however there is only one thing, which is love that is going to benefit more people when the recipients increase.”

Dr. Gao Cheong Wai said that the orphanage was founded in 1997, initially it had only two orphans and had increased to over 20 orphans in year 2006: later in year 2010, a unit in Puchong Jaya was fixed as their residence.

He said, there were about 350 orphans who have grown up and left the orphanage in the past over ten years, they have now married, and there are lawyers and professionals among them.

Mr. Zhang Meng Jinn said that this was the company's first charity event in Malaysia, he hoped the charity works of the company can slowly expand.

"The company will visit the orphanage every month in the future, to dine and interact with the orphans, and possibly adopts the orphanage."