daily meal

Your daily nutrition and energy stems
from a sachet of Wuxing Daily Meal!

Wu Xing — Inter-promoting and inter-acting
Five zang organs — Yin-yang balance

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the five organs dominate human physiological activities. Physiologically, they are mutual breeding and restriction, working together to maintain Yin-yang balance of the five zang organs. Based on the Wuxing balance principle, Wuxing Daily Meal corresponding to coordination of the five-zang organs, extends to foods in five colors, namely, white, black, green, red and yellow. Meanwhile, it rests on nutrient-rich natural foods to body function and helps eliminate toxins from the body, nourish the viscera to balance function of human physiological activities.

A selection of 20 pure and natural ingredients with high nutritional value

White--Moisten lungs

Walnut, almond, radish, gingko
White pertains to metal: moisten lungs, relax the bowels, tonify qi and yin

Black — Invigorate kidneys

Black sesame, black rice, black soya bean, black glutinous rice
Black pertains to water: tonify kidneys, promote the secretion of saliva and body fluid

Green — Soothe the liver

Lutein, malt, broccoli, mung bean
Green pertains to wood: soothe the liver and improve eyesight

Red — Nourish heart

Tomato, hawthorn, red dates, raspberry
Red pertains to fire: calm the nerves and strengthen the brain

Yellow — Tonify spleen

Plantain seed, organic soy flour, organic oat, brown rice
Yellow pertains to earth: nourish spleen and stomach, smooth and tonify qi

Intake of foods in five colors follows the theory of Wu Xing inter-promoting to some extent so that the five zang organs and body functions can achieve balance. If the internal body operates smoothly, metabolism becomes balanced and we can get rid of the problems caused by sub-health.

Wuxing Daily Meal contains 20 pure and natural ingredients with high nutritional value. It can ease high blood pressure, high blood glucose and high cholesterol, balance the five-zang organs, moisten lungs, invigorate kidneys, soothe the liver, nourish heart and tonify spleen.


Mix one sachet (30g) with 200ml warm water (lower than 60℃), stir well before drinking. Two sachets a day before meal.


(1) Keep in a cool and dry place.
(2) Keep out of reach of children.