Yi Jia International (Australia) Drought-relieving Bluti Blueberry Super Drink Sales for Charity Receives Ongoing Media Coverage

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Recently, Australia was hit by the worst drought in the past century which resulted in enormous property losses and animal death. Every Yi Jia International member is deeply concerned with the impact of the disaster and those affected. Natural disaster can be ruthless, but Yi Jia International is always willing to help. In order to aid those affected in restoring to normal life at the earliest possible time, Yi Jia International (Australia) held a Bluti Blueberry Super Drink sales for drought-related charity and donated all the money from sales to the Australian Red Cross, hoping the healthy and life-nourishing super drink will deliver the life-saving water and warm care to the people and animal in affected areas.

The kind activity was continuously covered by multiple local news agencies including Sing Tao Daily. In news, they expressed their gratitude for Yi Jia International’s warm kindness and much-needed help.